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Guitar Classess 6 7 8


GS Lakie guitar classes are sequentially programmed over the three years of middle school. The learning starts in grade 6 and runs through to grade 8. The classes run for 13 weeks  and there are also Intro classes available in grade 7 and 8 for the students that could not get into guitar 6. Due to timetabling only 95 students in grade 6 can get into the 3 sections of classes. To accomodate the demand for students wanting into the class intro classes have been adopted.


The grade 7 and  8 guitars classes run in term 2 and grade 6 beginnner guitar runs all three terms. The total of students taking guitar amounts to 250 students a year.


All the classes perform each term in the Gatorstock concert.

Some of the learner outcomes throught out the three years are to:


Grade 6


  • sight reading on e,b,g strings

  • types of guitars and parts of the instrument

  • rhythm whole,half,quarter and eight note reading

  • chromatic scales on all strings

  • technique excerises and development

  • prepare for a performance situation

  • songs using 5th chords, 12 bar blues

  • sight reading and accompaniment for year 1 arrangements



Grade 7


  • sight reading 3 notes on all six strings

  • rhythm whole,half,quarter,eight and sixteenth note reading

  • playing open chord songs

  • pentatonic soloing for 12 bar blues

  • classical technqiue   P  I M A

  • classical piece ESTUDIO

  • prepare for a performance situation

  • Parkening left hand technique 

  • G Major/E Minor   C Major/A Minor scales


Grade 8


  • Sight reading melodies open and 5 position

  • Barre chords and Jazz chords Dom 7th, Major/Minor 7ths

  • Classical piece Romanza

  • 3 octave G major  2 Octave C Major Segovia  Fingerings

  • Standard pop/rock songs

  • rhythmic reading 4/4, 3/4,2/4 and 6/8, 9/8,12/8

  • Advanced soloing concepts

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