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Sheldon Arvay  is available for clinics and as a consultant for schools interested in starting guitar and popular music programming. Resources and curriculum are available for a 3 year program.


There are a lot of teachers out there who want to start a guitar program, but it’s difficult to get something off the ground when you have to plan everything. Is this you?


  •  I hope to start a guitar class for the next school year and I wanted more information.


  •  I wanted to start a guitar program at my middle school, but had no experience teaching guitar and music.


  •  I am working with our board of education to start up a guitar program. Need Help


  •  I wanted to be able to start a beginning guitar course at my  school. I needed more skills


  •  How do I meet music curriculum guidelines and not merely have a afterschool club format


  •  I only know how to strum and can't read music. What do I do? Where do I start?


  •  I've only taught individual do I teach 35 students in a big group at one time?

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