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Parent FAQ and info?


Beginners require a guitar at home to practice on........

Good quality instruments are available at reasonable rates to purchase or rent at several music

stores in the area. It does not matter if it is electric or acoustic as long as it is comfortable for your child to play. 


Required practice time...... 

A minimium of 15 minutes a day is needed for the grade 6 beginner to have success. 


Practice sheets......

All GS Lakie students hand in weekly practice sheets each Monday in class signed by a parent. These are graded!

Copies are available in the student resource tab. Your child has the login.


Performances and concerts......

PERFORMANCES ARE NOT OPTIONAL!  PERFORMANCES ARE A REQUIRED PART OF THE CLASS.  Dates and times of a performance will be announced

on the website in the news section.  Students will be dismissed from performances only after

the stage has been completely cleared and all equipment has been returned to the classroom.


Concert Dress.......

Gatorstock dress is black pants and shirts. Avoid prinitng/lettering on shirts.


Class rules.......


1.      Follow directions.

2.      Keep hands, feet and objects to oneself.

3.      Play or speak only after being recognized and given permission.

4.      Be on time and seated with instrument, pencil, notebook

5.      Avoid bringing gum, food or beverages into the classroom.



1.      Verbal warning

2.      Putting instrument away for the remainder of the class

3.      Phone call or note to parents

4.      Referral to a Mr. James


Payment for fees and concert tickets.................

Are paid online   HERE

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