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Recording Arts


The Recording Arts classes run term three and are for grade 7 and 8 students. The class covers three components: live audio,digital recording, equipment. Gs Lakie has industry standard equipment for the students to use consisting of two digital mixers, a Yamaha LS9 and Behringer X-32. The students learn how to record their own music on a flagship recording program called Nuendo(5.5) This system also allows the staff and students to work in post-production, music and audio for video. The next two years the classes will be working with our digital media class on creating video and audio projects for use at GS Lakie.

Learner outcomes include:


  • setting up and running a basic PA system for live audio

  • running an analog and digital mixer

  • recording process and overdubbing technique

  • preparing music to record  for a class audio CD

  • using music recording software

  • difference in microphones, cabling and micing techniques

Yamaha LS9-32

X32 Digital Mixer

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